Mobile application are very critical to the enterprise world than earlier. Organizations are desperately seeking mobile app development to cater to their business needs.

This blessing does come with a curse of information security challenges, and organizations seek for the best mobile app security company. In almost all cases they are looking for top vendors in their country or city, who can perform quality based android and iOS app security and provide reports certified on the basis of OWASP top 10 standards.

Valency Networks is chosen by serious customers as the cyber security testing services company, and it goes true for their mobile app security needs. To perform security assessment of mobile application Valency Networks utilizes various tools that include automated scanners, open source tools, custom scripts and most importantly manual assessments.

This allows us to perform a detailed technical assessment and find major to minute vulnerabilities. Once the assessment is complete an actionable report is created which includes details related to the vulnerabilities, steps to reproduce, proof of concept and steps to mitigate so that the client can patch the issues as soon as possible.

Valency Networks Mobile Pen Test Process Includes

Understand application working

Identifying application permissions

Automated Scan

Manual Testing

OWASP Mobile Top 10 vulnerabilities

Logical Flaws

Comprehensive Report

As there are different mobile environments available out there and each one of them has a different architecture, there is no single automation framework available which can cover all the platforms. Hence the approach, the tools and the methodologies required to test applications for different environment are also different and require more manual effort.

We take pride in saying that we prefer manual mobile app testing to yield great results, as opposed to the automated tests. The testing is performed using actual hardware devices as well as emulated environment so that a more in-depth understanding can be attained and thorough analysis can be performed.

Mobile App Pentest Report

After completing the active potion of the assessment, we formally document the findings. The output provided includes an executive summary as well as detailed technical findings. The summary report is written for senior management and hence includes a high-level overview of assessment activities, scope, most critical/thematic issues discovered, overall risk scoring, organizational security strengths, and applicable screenshots.

Whereas the technical findings section of the report contains all vulnerabilities listed, with tech details. Wherever applicable we also provide the steps to replicate the problem, and provide references and recommendations to help fix the reported vulnerability. The security problems are categorized in 3 separate levels as below.

Critical - Vulnerability which can be exploited by a potential hacker who can cause highest possible impact with a highest probability.

High - Vulnerability which can be exploited mostly internally or rarely externally, which can cause a moderate impact with moderate probability.

Low - Vulnerability which can be exploited with least probability or impact but must be fixed as a good practice to strengthen overall security

Our Culture

Valency Networks is a very agile, friendly and fun loving atmosphere and yet we maintain a cutting edge technical vibrant work environment.