Network Security VAPT

Network Pentesting Services?

Network VAPT is a type of security testing service that is done manually and by using tools to ensure that the network is not exhibiting any means of evasion. Our Network Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing experts ensure corporate IT networks are scanned and tested for the presence of security loop holes. Having these vulnerabilities open, attracts hackers to exploit and hack the data, that is to be ideally be protected.

- Vulnerability Assessment includes finding security loopholes or vulnerabilities by scanning the network.
- Penetration Testing includes exploiting the found loopholes or vulnerabilities to gain privileged access to the network.

A detailed explanation of VAPT can be found here.

Some Facts

Firewall Invasions - 66%
Patching Vulnerabilities - 80%
External Hacking - 55%
IT Network Penetration Testing Scanning  Services Provider Vendor, How frequently VAPT should be performed?

Types of network vapt

At a high level, a network vulnerability assessment and penetration testing can be categorize into 2 different types.

Internal VA - In this, only the internal network is in scope. Internal servers, firewalls and data components such as database servers or file servers are of key importance from vulnerability scanning perspective. Since the test is to be performed from within the network, only vulnerability assessment is performed, while penetration testing is not performed. Internal security assessment can be performed by physically being inside the network premises or by performing a remote session into the network.

External VAPT - In this type, the external perimeter is scanned over internet. Since the testing occurs from outside the premises, the vulnerability assessment is certainly followed by a detailed penetration testing. In the former, the security bugs or problems are found out by vulnerability scanning while in the later, those bugs are tried for exploitation. Please refer to Links page for more information.

Besides this, there are multiple other types of VAPT which mainly focus on the network components such as firewall VAPT, Servers VAPT etc.

Why Network VAPT Is Done?

Network security testing is important for any corporate to protect their intellectual property. Most of the attacks being internal, it is imperative to scan the networks periodically and fix the loopholes. This helps corporates achieve a better cyber security posture of their IT corporate network, by protecting their data from internal and external threats.

As an example, consider a famous bank in India, which got hacked by hackers who stole money via ATM skimming. In other cases, many manufacturing companies get targeted malware attacks or their internal employees steal data and sell it for profits. Below are few facts which become the key driver to perform a VAPT of IT systems.

As per Gartner, 78% of attacks happen from within the network

External attacks become easily possible due to availability of hacking tools

Firewall mis-configurations are one major cause of data leakage and hackings

Server patching contributes into network security vulnerabilities to a great extent

Companies who should get VAPT done

While there cannot really be an exception to the industry sectors needing cyber security, below examples can demonstrate the real need of vulnerability assessment services. It is highly advised to get a VAPT done from one of the top cyber security companies, or best network security company.

  • IT product companies to protect their code and data
  • IT services companies to prevent external attacks
  • Manufacturing companies to protect their designs, drawings and inventory data
  • Finance companies to protect their finance data, secure money transactions and records
  • Pharma companies having their own patents about drug formulas and intellectual properties
  • All firms and corporates who process or store their data as well as data belonging to their customers
IT Network Penetration Testing Scanning  Services Provider Vendor , Types of network vapt

Valency Networks’ Pentesting Approach

Valency Networks bring years of expertise and experience to this service offering. We are a reputed top network pentesting company because we follow carefully designed approach which varies from customer to customer. Below are few differentiators which makes us best pentesting company in India and abroad.

 Customized vulnerability scanning
 Technical network security checklist
 Industry standard tool
 Non-destructive methodology of network scanning
 Internal and external vulnerability assessment
 Detailed penetration testing with proof of concept
 Risk assessment-based approach
 Highly technical vulnerability assessment report with evidences

Network VAPT can be done in two ways, manual and automatic by using tools. To ensure the security of a network, it should be scanned thoroughly both internally and externally. Our detailed assessment sheds light on the unwanted ports that are open, unsupported firmware, unpatched systems, poorly configured firewall rules, outdated software version, weak password policy so on and so forth.

Once the vulnerabilities are found, they are further exploited to see the extent of damage they can do to the organization. This step is to be done very carefully since wrongfully executed test can do more harm than good to the network.

IT Network Penetration Testing Scanning  Services Provider Vendor , Types of network vapt

What Our Customers Say?

Valency Networks is a very techie company, focusing on a continuous improvement in service quality. Our customers like us exactly for that and that helps us keep our quality to the best extent.