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Internet of Things (IoT) as name suggest, is the inter connection of various disparate sensors, devices, objects, systems, cloud & local IT infrastructure connected to the network through IP addresses.

In industrial environment, it is popularly known as Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). IIoT by its virtue is an extension of industrial control systems like DCS and SCADA which are typically focussed on localised data acquisition, monitoring and control.

IoT & IIoT is a potential business edge and provides great flexibility, mobility, more computing & analytical power, real time insights and decision making capability to the industry by integrating more systems, devices and people spread across the geographies. IoT is being seen as an enabler for Big Data Analytics, Cloud computing & Industry 4.0 solutions with wide spread connectivity. However, it also poses serious threats and risks due to lack of focus on cyber security needs during the design, engineering, deployment and sustenance. The addition of more end points and convergence of multiple systems brings complexity and so the vulnerabilities associated due to legacy background.

Why IoT Security is of prime importance?

In the present world, almost everyone is connected to internet for various purposes, through various means. This has transformed the way we are living by bringing technological & socio-economic impact. The world has been witnessing many IoT based solutions like Smart Cities, Smart Grid, Connected Vehicles, Smart Homes, Smart Energy, Remote Health monitoring & diagnostics and many more. The insecure systems can give hackers the access to very critical infrastructure and privacy data causing catastrophic effect on the environment, organization and human lives.

Some facts

Estimated connected devices by 2020 - 200 billion

Cyber security breaches due to human errors & negligence - 95%

Cyber attacks experienced by organizations - 60%

Cost due to cyber crimes & data breaches every year - $1 trillion

Major cyber attacks recorded - Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS), Malware infection, Machine Fishing

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