Red Teaming Cyber Testing Services


In today's world, the threat of cyberattacks is no longer just a question of " If ? " or " When ? " The world around us - from governments to critical infrastructure, global organizations to everyday people - no aspect of our modern world remains "unhacked." Our connected lives centers around technology that we have grown accustomed to always being available and always being safe. The realization of how reliant we are on technology is certainly not new; however, the truth of just how vulnerable we are as a result of technology is a realization that leaves many wondering if being "secure" is a thing of the past. Red teaming is a full-scope attack simulation tailored to your organisation. Tasked with gaining access to critical assets on your network, it provides you with the opportunity to test fully your company's ability to detect, protect, and respond efficiently to an attack.

Who is Red Teaming For?

A red team approach to testing is highly targeted and persistent - suitable for companies that have been conducting regular penetration testing and are confident that the bulk of vulnerabilities have been fixed. While a traditional penetration test is much more effective at providing a thorough list of vulnerabilities and improvements to be made, a red team assessment is a more accurate measure of your company's preparedness for an attack.

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