How to test iOS app security

IOS data security is highly dependent on the nature of the information

Mobile IOS App Security Penetration Testing Process

  • Study Mobile App Architecture
  • Study Mobile App Functionality
  • Decide attack vectors and prioritize
  • Allocate single point of contact

During Testing

Black box testing (Without device rooting, jailbreaking)

Gray box testing (With device rooting, jailbreaking)

Automatic and Manual Testing

Testing using OWASP-Mobile-Top-10 Standard


Configuration Check

Manifest/Binary Config check

Gathering Logs

Testing Details

  • Analysis of data in transit between mobile app stack
  • Analysis of data in transit between app and caller web services
  • Capture and analysis of data at rest on the mobile device
  • Perform Android and iOS specific checks and log capture
  • Map security scenario attack vectors to ensure accuracy
  • Perform analysis on app code modules
  • Manifest/Binary Config check

For IOS app security checks

  • Analyzing local data storage

  • Checking device logs

  • Attaching debuggers and Tracing method calls

  • Monitoring Network traffic

  • Code Security Testing

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