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Compliance and Auditing Services

Besides the ISO 27001 and other compliances, we also provide auditing services for very specific compliance guidelines and standards. These guidelines vary between multiple industry sectors, right from banking cyber security to automotive companies' information security. Below are few key auditing services we have provided to our esteem customers.

Who needs our auditing services?

IT Audit for IT Firms

The primary functions of an IT audit are to evaluate the systems that are in place to guard an organization's information. Specifically, information technology audits are used to evaluate the organization's ability to protect its information assets and to properly dispense information to authorized parties.

The IT audit aims to evaluate the following:

  • Will the organization's computer systems be available for the business at all times when required? (known as availability)
  • Will the information in the systems be disclosed only to authorized users? (known as security and confidentiality)
  • Will the information provided by the system always be accurate, reliable, and timely? (measures the integrity)

IT Audit for Manufacturing Companies

IT auditing industries Pune,India, IT Audit for IT Firms

An audit of a manufacturing process is a comprehensive examination of the process to verify that it is performing as intended.

IT Audit Processes generate results, and process audits determine if the results are accurate and being generated by an effectively managed process. Manufacturing process azudits should ensure that procedures are properly followed, problems are quickly corrected, there is consistency in the process, and there is continuous improvement and corrective action as needed.

IT Audit for Chartered Accountants

Internal Audit:

It ensures reliable internal control system. These services helps in minimizing different accidental errors. It minimizes different accidental or deliberate errors and omissions. The prime objectives of these procedures are adequate division of authority over key control areas, safeguarding of assets and compliance with internal operating guidelines and policies

IT auditing industries Pune,India, IT Audit for Manufacturing Companies

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