Firewall Configuration Audit


With a rapid increase in the usage of mobile equipments, multiple security problems are introduced too. Unfortunately the attacks are no longer limited just to the web services, but can also happen for mobile device's operating system and the application stack running on it.

Some Facts

Web Attacks / Total Attacks - 58%
IP Attacks / Total Attacks - 42%
Internal Attacks / Total Attacks - 78%
External Attacks / Total Attacks - 28%

In cyber security world, it is a myth that installing firewall makes you secure. Well, it is true to some extent but only when the firewalls are properly configured.

In most cases, it has been found that firewalls are running with default configurations which make it highly susceptible to the vulnerabilities and attacks. Firewall configuration audit service is comprised of the following steps:

  • Understand company's business and security risk
  • Study LAN and WAN network and various application dependencies
  • Download firewall configuration file.
  • Based on the security risk requirement, assess and fix problems and reconfigure
  • Perform detailed vulnerability analysis to ensure that new rules dont expose any further problems
  • Do above for industry standard requirements such as ISO, PCI-DSS, HIPAA etc.


You get a detailed analysis report that shows the previous set of problems and the updates which fix it. It also provides you with a certifying letter that the firewall configuration is compliant with the standards. The report also contains an overview of the task and a set of recommendations to be followed by the customer.


  • Check for availability of vulnerability or bugs in the current hardware and software release
  • A complete review of all the hardware devices associated.
  • Review of accounts set up on the firewall and the operating system.
  • Check for possible hardware or software malfunction in the firewall and OS logs
  • Review the comments for all the rules in the ruleset for proper justification
Cyber security firewall audit Services Pune,India,FIREWALL RULE AUDIT CHECKLIST
  • Check for vulnerabilities in the encryption and hashing process
  • Verify if the rules provide the least possible privileges
  • Review the vendors licensing
  • Review the firewall for the enabled services
  • Review overall firewall configuration and rule sets deployed on the firewall
  • Recommendations related to improvement in security provided by the firewall and in the overall device configuration

Security Management


Firewall Configuration Audit
,Security Management


Cyber security firewall audit Services Pune,India , Firewall Configuration Audit


Cyber security firewall audit Services Pune,India , Firewall Configuration Audit


Cyber security firewall audit Services Pune,India , Firewall Configuration Audit


Cyber security firewall audit Services Pune,India , Firewall Configuration Audit

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