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IT network VAPT, or penetration testing, is an important task to be carried out by IT administrators. This is because of the rise in hacking attempts irrespective of the industry type. Attacks can happen from internally or externally with no or little knowledge of the network. We have an outstanding and inclusive work environment. We are quite welcoming to the students outside of India too. We have provided internship to hundreds of students so far from 20+ countries and still counting.

Cyber Security Internship Terms

Here are typical internship terms that we offer:

-- Duration of internship : 3 months or 6 months
-- Stipend that we provide : None
-- Charges we take from you : None
-- Work place : Onsite only (Remote is not allowed)

Details Of Internship

We offer internships of the duration of 3 months and 6 months depending on the requirements of the interns and the availability of positions at our company. We do have options of remote and on-site internships, but we do recommend on-site internships. We strongly believe that on-site internships make you all-round ready for the real corporate world. There are three tracks of internships available here. They are as follows:

1. Cyber security general awareness

Interns are trained on basic level of awareness and understanding about cybersecurity best practices and the cyber threats that networks or organizations face every day. This track is exclusively available for college students, who have college requirement of internship (3 months or 6 months).

2. Core VAPT

This track is available for college students as well as techie people looking forward to making their careers as penetration testers or cyber professionals. Interns are thoroughly trained in Web application, Mobile application and Cloud applications vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. In this internship track, the interns are imparted the knowledge of the entire testing process. They are trained the detailed step by step process of Network VAPT, Web VAPT, Mobile VAPT and Cloud VAPT.
Network VAPT:
Network VAPT is a service by which corporate IT networks are scanned and tested for the presence of security loop holes. Leaving such loopholes can result into exploitation and hacking of the data, which should ideally be protected by the IT networks.
Web application vulnerability assessment and penetration testing is one type of security testing. Vulnerability Assessment involves finding security holes i.e., vulnerabilities in the web application. Penetration Testing involves exploiting the found vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to the data or the system itself or making the data unavailable to access, or make changes to the data by compromising its integrity. Web VAPT (also called as Web Pentesting) helps find out weaknesses before they are exploited by hackers thus making web applications secure.
Mobile VAPT:
Mobile application security testing solution discovers malicious or potentially risky actions in your mobile applications, keeping your business and customers secure against attacks.
Cloud VAPT:
The main objective of Cloud security is to stop any threat or malware from accessing, stealing or manipulating any of our private data. It identifies the threats in the system and measures its potential vulnerabilities and risks. It also helps developers in fixing those problems through coding. The cloud security testing is applicable for large application base, applications with low to medium risk and organizations with a strict budget & time restrictions.

3. Compliance implementation

In this track, the interns are trained thoroughly in the process of various compliances:
- ISO22301
- ISO27017/27018
- SOC-2

This track is exclusively available for compliance auditors. ISO27001:2013 is a worldwide accepted standard to help protect information assets. It entails a structured set of policies and procedures to let an organization be secure and gain confidence in their customer's minds. ISO 27001 expects the management to examine firm's IT security risks, and measure it in terms of threats, vulnerabilities, and business impact. It is also expected that design and implementation of security controls and risk management tools are important for business stability.
All this needs to be achieved by adopting a well-defined management process to ensure effectiveness of security controls. Cyber security field is extensive. Therefore, we have designed our approach to make you aware first, and then eventually expert in your field of liking and interest.

Culture at Valency Networks

Our philosophy is “It’s all about ethics”. To ensure that this philosophy is cultivated within our organization, Valency Networks' team undergoes periodic trainings that are focused on establishing ethical values in the person. Besides that, every team mate is well versed with the above two fundamentals so that they percolate it in their own daily tasks. The sole purpose behind this philosophy is to minimize risks and provide best service quality and experience to the customer.

We have a benevolent atmosphere here. The people here are very warm and welcoming to the new interns and employees. We also have full fun-loaded social calendar filled with lots of amazing and interesting activities. We have Friday perks, where after 5 p.m. nobody is allowed to work. Instead, we have some amusing activities like playing cards and different games. Our social calendar is colourful with many innovative events. We have a strict schedule for the social activities that includes theme wears, picnic / movie plans, regular pot lunches and performance days. One of our core company values is bonding over food. Hence, our office pantry is always brimming with healthy and tasty snacks options, coffee, tea, juices, etc.

Training Process

- We start the training by elementary onboarding process.
- No boring lectures or reading materials are used in the entire training period.
- We believe in hands-on training and thus we only implement on-the-field training.
- Every new intern is assigned a mentor from the company.
- The mentor is responsible to teach and explain the interns their chosen internship track.
- We go by the simple things first to the hardest things at last, in order to keep the motivation high.
- Initially, the interns are taught about the hands-on procedure via white board interactive sessions.
- Then the interns actually work alongside the employees on the customer projects.
- Later, once the interns are well groomed, they are handed their individual customer projects.
- Even the customer communication and professional etiquettes training is provided to the interns.

Who can apply for Internship?

- All students within India
- All International students. Remote internship offers a great deal of flexibility by eliminating the geographical barrier and letting students work for companies across the globe.
- Techie people looking forward to making their careers as penetration testers or cyber professionals

How to apply?

We are always looking for respectable talent in technical areas if IT and Security. The steps you can follow to join our professional journey are as follows:
- Follow our LinkedIn page -
- Post on it that you need internship
- Someone will attend your request

Thanks for showing interest in joining us. We value your time and knowledge.

What Our Customers Say?

Valency Networks is a very techie company, focusing on a continuous improvement in service quality. Our customers like us exactly for that and that helps us keep our quality to the best extent.