• Proactive approach to IoT security brings numerous benefits to the organization
  • Heterogeneous nature of IoT systems due to mixing of various hardware and software components complicates the security. A planned and step by step approach to risk assessment brings homogeneity.
  • IoT data flows across geographies and need to follow respective law and regulation. Security assessment helps to adhere to various standards and regulations.
  • Save the fines and losses which may cause due to data & privacy breaches.
  • Integrity & safety of the systems is paramount to any industry. Security risks assessments help secure the critical infrastructure.

What are hardcoded passwords?

Hardcoded Passwords, also often referred to as Embedded Credentials, are plain text passwords or other secrets in source code. Password hardcoding refers to the practice of embedding plain text (non-encrypted) passwords and other secrets (SSH Keys, DevOps secrets, etc.) into the source code.

What is the biggest password security risk?

Here are some of the top password security risks:

  • Phishing
  • Brute Force/Cracking
  • Weak Passwords
  • Reuse of Passwords and Use of Compromised Passwords
  • Password Recovery/Reset Systems
  • Clear Text Passwords in Code and Configuration Files

What are insecure network services?

According to OWASP, “Unnecessary or unsafe network services that run on the devices, particularly those that are exposed to the internet, jeopardize the availability of confidentiality, integrity/authenticity of information, and open the risk of unauthorized remote control of IoT devices.

What are some of the most common vulnerabilities that exist in a network?

Manual testing is suitable when the test cases are run once or twice. Therefore there is no frequent repetition of test cases. Automated testing is suitable when the test cases need to run repeatedly for a long duration of time.

  • Malware
  • Outdated or Unpatched Software Applications
  • Weak Passwords
  • Poor Firewall Configuration
  • Mobile Device Vulnerabilities
  • Lack of Data Backup
  • Unsecure Email

Why are IoT devices insecure?

IoT devices are vulnerable mostly because they lack the necessary built-in security controls to defend against threats. The key reason is the constrained environment and the limited computational capacity of these devices.

What are three potential vulnerabilities related to attacks on the memory of an IoT device?

Vulnerabilities related to the device memory include sensitive data, clear-text authentication credentials, and weak or no encryption. Device damage is related to an IoT device itself. Removal of storage media and privilege escalation relates to the potential vulnerabilities of the interfaces on an IoT device.

What are the most common IoT attacks?

There are many kinds of attacks on IoT devices, the following remains the most prevalent ones.
- Eavesdropping
- Privilege escalation attacks
- Brute-force attack

What is vulnerable and outdated components vulnerability

Component-based vulnerabilities occur when a software component is unsupported, out of date, or vulnerable to a known exploit. Using components with known vulnerabilities makes your application susceptible to attacks that target any part of the application stack.

What are the types of attacks that target known component vulnerabilities?

Types of attacks could be-

  • Code injection
  • Buffer overflow
  • Command injection
  • Cross-site scripting (XSS)

How can an attacker be a vulnerable component?

The attacker exploits an unpatched system to execute malicious code on the server. He does by gaining access to an organization's internal network. Then he runs a scanning tool to locate internal systems with unpatched or outdated components. Finally, he exploits a flaw in the outdated component that allows them to install malicious code on the application server.

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