Benefits of Red Teaming Services


The benefits gained by penetration testing were also examined, as well as some the of major cyberattacker roles that the Red Team must assume when launching their particular threat vectors. In fact, the Red Team has been considered to be one of the most critical aspects when it comes to conducting any sort of penetration testing exercise(s). The primary reason for this is that it takes a unique blend of technical, quantitative and qualitative skills in order to be a successful Red Team member. This can be a very intense role, as they are responsible for discovering any IT asset that is at risk to a cyberattack.

Benefits of Red Teaming

  • Responses to Cyberattacks Can Be Validated: By being exposed to a series of cyberattacks, an organization will truly know how good their lines defenses are and if the mitigation response is enough to thwart off any future threats. If they are not adequate enough, then the IT security staff must come up with the appropriate countermeasures, which are formulated with guidance from the Red Team.
  • Create a Security Risk Classification scheme: Once the business entity becomes aware of all of the vulnerabilities and weaknesses that exist in their IT and network infrastructure, then all of the related assets can be properly classified according to their level of risk exposure.
  • All Security Weaknesses Will Be Exposed and Revealed: As described earlier in this article, it is only through exhaustive penetration testing by the Red Team that all security gaps and holes will be revealed, including those that were never known before to have actually existed.
  • Maximize the Return on Investment (ROI) on Security Technologies: One of the biggest issues that corporations and businesses face today is discovering if the money that is being spent on security technologies is also being used wisely. For example, the error in thinking is that by simply implementing all of the latest and most sophisticated security technologies, the lines of defenses will be rock-solid. But this only increases the attack surface for the cyberattacker. After having the exercise(s) conducted by the Red Team, the IT security staff as well as the "C-Suite" will then have a much better idea if they are getting a positive ROI on their current security technology investments. If not, then the appropriate adjustments will have to be made to ensure that critical financial resources are being used wisely.

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