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Chennai Cyber Security Services


The capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai, is renowned for its passion for music, varied culture and tradition, and architecture of temples in India. Chennai is popular for IIT and for being an IT and industrial hub having various industries - Automobiles, Electronics Hardware, Software Services, Medical Tourism, Petrochemicals & Textiles, Banking & Finance, etc. Valency Networks provides security services and compliance audits for such industries. Valency Networks is an esteemed security expert. Customers prefer us due to the knowledge gathered in cybersecurity in so many years of our service.

We provide following services to the customers in Chennai Region

Network Penetration Testing Services
Web App Penetration Testing Services
Cloud App Penetration Testing Services
Mobile App Penetration Testing Services
ISO 27001 Compliance Services

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What Our Customers Say?

Valency Networks is a very techie company, focusing on a continuous improvement in service quality. Our customers like us exactly for that and that helps us keep our quality to the best extent.