Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI DSS is set of industry standards designed to protect payment card data, the standards are comprised of 12 broad requirements and collectively, more than 200 line item requirements. Intended to create an additional level of protection for consumers and reduce the risk of data breaches involving personal cardholder data.

All entities that accept, store, manage, process, or transmit payment card information must be compliant.

There are no exceptions, even for an entity that processes one payment transaction in a year need to be compliant. The specific validation and assessment procedures vary from one organization to another

  • Financial institutions - such as banks, insurance companies, lending agencies and brokerage firms.
  • Merchants - such as medical and dental offices to pharmacies, hospitals, schools and universities, clothing stores, government agencies, cafes, restaurants, and ecommerce companies.
  • Individuals that accept payment cards for purchases, such as those at a farmer's market, food truck or crafts fair.
  • Service Providers - such as transaction processors, payment gateways, customer call centers, web hosting providers and data centers, among others.






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