SEBI Cyber Security Audit

Securities and Exchange Board of India have introduced a regulatory practice to maintain robust cyber security to protect the integrity of data and breaches against privacy. This framework focuses on the Cyber Security and Cyber resilience of all Mutual Funds and Asset Management Companies.

Phases of SEBI Guidelines For Audit

  • Phase 1: IDENTIFY critical assets and risks.
  • Phase 2: PROTECT assets by implementing suitable controls and measures.
  • Phase 3: DETECT incidents, anomalies and attacks using monitoring tools and processes that are befitting.
  • Phase 4: RESPOND by taking immediate steps after identification of an incident, anomaly or attack.
  • Phase 5: RECOVER from incident through incident management, DR & BCP Framework.

What Valency Networks does for you?

We perform an in-depth analysis of the SEBI Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience Framework for Mutual Funds, Stock Exchanges, Stock Brokers, Depository Participants, Depositories, Asset Management Companies (AMCs) and Clearing Corporations. We ensure you understand, manage and comply with SEBI Cyber Security and Cyber Resilience Guidelines. We start by identifying the security gaps with reference to the set guidelines by SEBI and accordingly document procedures and process for you to implement and follow.

What Our Customers Say?

Valency Networks is a very techie company, focusing on a continuous improvement in service quality. Our customers like us exactly for that and that helps us keep our quality to the best extent.