Importance of HIPAA


HIPAA introduced a number of important benefits for the healthcare industry to help with the transition from paper records to electronic copies of health information. HIPAA has helped to streamline administrative healthcare functions, improve efficiency in the healthcare industry, and ensure protected health information is shared securely.

The standards for recording health data and electronic transactions ensures everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet. Since all HIPAA-covered entities must use the same code sets and nationally recognized identifiers, this helps enormously with the transfer of electronic health information between healthcare providers, health plans, and other entities.

HIPAA Certified auditing company, Importance of HIPAA

While no healthcare organization wants to expose sensitive data or have health information stolen, without HIPAA there would be no requirement for healthcare organizations to safeguard data – and no repercussions if they failed to do so.

HIPAA established rules that require healthcare organizations to control who has access to health data, restricting who can view health information and who that information can be shared with. HIPAA helps to ensure that any information disclosed to healthcare providers and health plans, or information that is created by them, transmitted, or stored by them, is subject to strict security controls. Patients are also given control over who their information is released to and who it is shared with.

HIPAA is important for patients who want to take a more active role in their healthcare and want to obtain copies of their health information. Even with great care, healthcare organizations can make mistakes when recording health information. If patients are able to obtain copies, they can check for errors and ensure mistakes are corrected.

HIPAA Benefits

Achieving and maintaining HIPAA compliance isn’t just recommended. If you are a covered entity or associated business, you are required to be compliant with both the HIPAA Privacy Rule and HIPAA Security Rule. That being said, finding HIPAA compliance solutions will take some research.

Although it is a legal requirement, being hipaa compliant can be beneficial for a number of reasons. At its core, to comply with HIPAA ensures that your patient data security management systems are in place and optimized for todays level of risk. By adhering to the requirements for HIPAA compliance, your organization will ensure that key avenues of risk are minimized.

HIPAA Certified auditing company, Importance of HIPAA

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