Cyber Security Services

Valency Networks is a one-stop shop for cyber security services. We provide cutting edge results in the areas of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services for webapps, cloud apps, mobile apps and IT networks. Advisory consultancy in compliance implementations and audits (ISO27001, HIPAA, PCIDSS) are a part of our offerings portfolio too.

vulnerability assessment and penetration testing for cloud, web, mobile, networks

Risk Assessment

IT network VAPT, or penetration testing, is an important task to be carried out by IT administrators.

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Risk Management

With a rapid increase in the usage of mobile equipments, multiple security problems are introduced too.

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Risk Solutions

Providing security strategies that cover all parts of complicated network is difficult task in network design.

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Risk Compliance

Organizations need a robust framework to implement their information security management process.

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About Valency Networks

Valency Networks started its operations in 2008 to cater for professional cyber security and IT infrastructure management services. While the IT infrastructure in the world (specifically in the Asia-Pac region) is developing at a rapid pace, there are many challenges and pitfalls to be addressed by IT vendors, mainly in the area of IT security, IT performance and monitoring solutions, IT audit, compliance and governance. We saw this as a market need on a top priority, and established a solution providing firm to fill the technical and business improvement gaps.

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Our customers like us. Our partners respect us. Our reputation precedes us. We are an award winning Cyber Security Company in India, with a presence across the globe, catering to a variety of customers.

  • Security Guardian Company Of The Year (Business APAC, June 2019)
  • Company Of The Year (CEO Magazine 2016)
  • Among Top 10 Emerging IT Security Firms in India (CIO-Review, Feb 2014)
  • Top 5 Most Promising Cyber Security Company in India(Silicon India, Aug 2014)
  • India‚Äôs Top Mobile Application Security Company(Insight Success, USA November 2014)
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IP's Audited


Websites Pentested


Mobile Apps Secured


Cloud Apps Pentested



cyber security consultants, ISO27001, Best VAPT companies in India


Cyber Security Whitepapers

The biggest threat is the thing you donot consider. Every potential danger must be at least noted and the cost to protect against it evaluated. It can then be incorporated into the facility design with multiple layers of security, or discarded.

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Industries we serve

The industries we serve

Cyber security services of Indian banks is still uneffective.In past,Reserve Bank of India (RBI) warned Indian banks for inadequate cyber security.That's why we came on focus by providing cyber security solutions to multiple co-operative banks for security and disaster recovery design solutions.

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IP's Audited,Mobile App Security

Case Studies

We cater to a wide variety of customers typically for their network assessment, website pen-testing needs. Besides these we cover multiple offerings in the cyber security domain, for almost all industry sectors. Below are few case studies categorized based on industry sectors which you can refer to.

HIPAA, PCI DSS,Cyber Security

IT software Developemt

The IT Company in the case, provides.Net and Java based application products to multiple customers globally.

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Network Security, Web Cloud App Security,Cyber Security Services

SCADA Based Automation

The manufacturing firm based at Mumbai and is one of the eminent manufacturers of automation equipment.

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Manufacturing Company

The manufacturing firm based out of India and having offices all over the country, approached Valency Networks for ...

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IP's Audited, GDPR, cyber security consultants

Mobile Software Testing

The software development firm is based at Pune, India and primarily creates mobile based software.

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Network Security, Web Cloud App Security, Best VAPT companies in India.

Investment Consultancy

The investment firm in the case, provides personal portfolio management consultancy whereby ...

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Our Credentials

Valency Networks takes customer's data security seriously. To that end, we are an ISO27001:2013 certified company alongwith other certifications mentioned below to ensure a security within and keep our customers data secure.
Vulnerability Assessment of Azure, AWS, Google based SaaS and PaaS Products, Mobile App Security
Penetration Testing Services, Pentesting , Penetration testing services for websites and web applications
VAPT services for IT networks comprised of servers, firewalls, network devices, VAPT, VAPT Services
Penetration Testing Services, VAPT , Security Compliance
VAPT Companies, Security Compliance, Static and dynamic vulnerability assessment for Android and iOS Mobile apps
Our Philosophy

In Valency Networks every offering carries its own philosophy. We strongly believe that cyber security is all about Ethics and Trust. This vision percolates in our collaterals and the service offerings.


Our customers like us for our technical skills, service quality and professionalism. Sharing their good words is a pleasure for us.