A10: Insufficient Logging and Monitoring

App Specific

Exploitation of insufficient logging and monitoring is the bedrock of nearly every major incident. Attackers rely on the lack of monitoring and timely response to achieve their goals without being detected.


This issue is included in the Top 10 based on an industry survey. One strategy for determining if you have sufficient monitoring is to examine the logs following penetration testing.

The testers' actions should be recorded sufficiently to understand what damages they may have inflicted.


Most successful attacks start with vulnerability probing. Allowing such probes to continue can raise the likelihood of successful exploit to nearly 100%. In 2016, identifying a breach took an average of 191 days - plenty of time for damage to be inflicted.

Insufficient logging, detection, monitoring and active response occurs any time:

  • Auditable events, such as logins, failed logins, and high-value transactions are not logged.

  • Warnings and errors generate no, inadequate, or unclear log messages.

  • Logs of applications and APIs are not monitored for suspicious activity.

  • Logs are only stored locally.

  • Appropriate alerting thresholds and response escalation processes are not in place or effective.

  • Penetration testing and scans by DAST tools (such as OWASP ZAP) do not trigger alerts.

  • The application is unable to detect, escalate, or alert for active attacks in real time or near real time.

  • You are vulnerable to information leakage if you make logging and alerting events visible to a user or an attacker.

How to detect this security problem?

Valency Networks technical team is highly capable of running app scans and also perform manual vulnerability assessment to find this security problem. We can also help you re-design the code component or provide inputs towards successful fixation.

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