OWASP For IoT Security - 9

I9: Insecure Default Setting

Despite the many benefits that the Internet of Things will provide, security administrators will have to monitor hundreds of potential vulnerabilities as a result of having hundreds of linked devices. When a new device is added to the restricted IoT ecosystem, it is called device onboard. During the onboarding process of a new device, a hacker may be able to intercept secret keys that are used to establish communications within a restricted network.

Hackers can begin at the IoT device's deepest layer, the physical motherboard. There is hardware debug port or communication port there, such as JTAG UART, I2C, and SPI. They can then search their dumped firmware for hard-coded passwords, hidden backdoors, and vulnerabilities. Changing the default password isn't the only thing you can do to improve the security of your firm. IT managers must also choose which products and apps employees require and which they do not, with a particular focus on those that could compromise corporate security. They must not only choose the most appropriate programs but also play with the setup of each device to improve security.

While altering the configuration is a vital step in preventing possible intrusions, advanced cybersecurity solutions that predict the harmful activity and trigger defense systems before the virus has a chance to run are also necessary.

Review the permissions that apps require and restrict access to these apps while setting up apps on devices. It's important to keep track of your settings, credentials, firmware versions, and latest fixes. This phase can aid in determining which security precautions consumers should take and which gadgets should be replaced or upgraded.

Some of these practices include utilizing a firewall router, disabling WPS, using the WPA2 security protocol, and using a strong Wi-Fi password. By installing Virtual Private Networking (VPN) on a router, any traffic passing through the ISP can be encrypted.

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