OWASP For IoT Security - 7

I7: Insecure data transfer and storage

Many connected devices including the Internet of Things (IoT) lack the means to encrypt data or regulate access to sensitive data throughout the ecosystem. The lack of protection impacts all forms of data handled by these insecure devices, including data at rest, data in transit, and data processed in real-time. Many connected devices process, send and retain information that is sensitive, identifiable, or protected. Data can often be accessible by unauthorized parties due to a lack of strong data encryption, posing a substantial risk to the organization and anyone with personal data on these devices. Data is the most valuable asset; improper storage or a lack of encryption can leave device data and sensitive information vulnerable. Because IoT devices and applications may have access to personally identifiable information, it is critical to maintaining the security of data and information stored in the device, as well as data moved within and beyond the device ecosystem.

Maintaining the dependability and integrity of IoT devices and applications requires the defense and safe usage of IoT data - whether in transit or at rest. Furthermore, the information collected by these devices is used to automate processes like decision-making within the IoT ecosystem that can have implications and issues related to data leakage.

To begin, all platform communications use the secure DTLS protocol, which ensures that network communications are always encrypted. To authenticate a Particle device to the device cloud, public-key cryptography is used. This is a robust encryption mechanism that depends on private and public keys rather than hardcoded secrets. The particle does not keep track of customer information because it is passed through the Device Cloud. In the Device Cloud, there’s no personally identifying information or data that could be used to jeopardize products or customers.

Material loss, reputational damage, identity theft, policy violations, and other issues can all result from insecure data storage. The network communication is subject to MITM attacks and uncontrolled access to the device in the absence of encryption and secure protocol. Similarly, if data is stored in IoT devices without secure protocols and encryption, it increases the risk of physical access being compromised.

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