VAPT For ISO27001 Compliance

How to scope VAPT for ISO27001 compliance?

ISO27001 is a very well defined standard with a special clause for vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. It is highly misconstrued when it comes to defining the scope of the VAPT. Quick notes below can guide you with it.

  • All servers must be included
  • At least a good number of desktops and laptops must be included
  • WiFi devices and other network components are advised to be included
  • Firewall must be included for internal and external interfaces
  • Patch management system must be included
  • Depending on network scenario, switches and routers should be included
  • Web applications are optional, but should be included if those are part of the risk assessment and risk treatment of ISO27001

How we perform VAPT for ISO27001 compliance?

ISO 27001:2013 Audit Advisory Certified Consultants, How to scope VAPT for ISO27001 compliance?

Valency Networks is a top ISO 27001 compliance and auditing company. We are a team of certified auditors for compliance as well as vulnerability assessment. While more technical details on VAPT could be found here, at a high level we perform audits using following techniques.

  • Externally over internet to gauge external attacks

  • Internally from within LAN to gauge internal threats

How fast an ISO27001 Pentesting can be performed?

While it largely depends on the scope (spread of network, number of locations, depth at which the testing is seek), it does not take more than a week in any case. In best case scenarios Valency Networks has demonstrated that only 2 days were sufficient to perform testing and provide results.

How we perform VAPT for ISO27001 compliance?, ISO 27001:2013 Audit Advisory Certified Consultants

What next when ISO27001 pentest is performed?

How fast an ISO27001 Pentesting can be performed?,

We provide reports that are signed by ISO 27001 certified lead auditors. We also provide a service by which we confirm whether the reported vulnerabilities are fixed by you or not. Once fixed, we optionally provide a final report that you can send to your ISO auditors for achieving compliance.

With a very large base of customers where we implemented ISO27001 and GDPR compliance, and having performed network and web vulnerability assessment for them, that makes Valency Networks as a top cyber security firm in the country. Not as a vendor, but in fact we are treated as a cyber security partner by our customers in India and abroad.

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