Steps To Find Vulnerabilities In Play Web Framework Code Review

We must thank IT virtualization as it led us to cloud technology. Today's IT infrastructures are already running their mission critical business applications on virtual machines.

Like the physical infrastructure, virtualization is also cursed with cyber security challenges. This article talks about a typical open source virtualization solution and depicts the steps to secure its.

Vulnerabilities in play Framework

Http only cookie bypass



A vulnerability has been found in Play's cookie handling code that could allow an attacker to bypass the?httpOnly?flag on sensitive cookies.


Any Play apps that reflect cookie values back into the body of a response are vulnerable to this. One example of when this might be a case is if using Play's CSRF support with?, such that Play stores the csrf token in a cookie rather than the default of storing it in the session.

Affected Versions

Play 2.0 - 2.3.8


Upgrade to netty 3.9.8. For example:

libraryDependencies += "io.netty" % "netty" % "3.9.8.Final"


The issue has been fixed in Play 2.3.9.

CVSS metrics

Base: 4.0

Temporal: 3.1
Environmental: 1.1
Environmental scores are assuming typical internet systems. Actual environmental scores for your organization may differ.
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