Is Your Vapt Vulnerability Assessment Detailed Enough To Ensure Cyber Security

We must thank IT virtualization as it led us to cloud technology. Today's IT infrastructures are already running their mission critical business applications on virtual machines.
Like the physical infrastructure, virtualization is also cursed with cyber security challenges. This article talks about a typical open source virtualization solution and depicts the steps to secure its.

Is a detailed vulnerability assessment and penetration testing (VAPT) being carried out frequently?

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The industry, as a whole, needs to evolve to a point where a detailed VAPT is a norm. There should be frequent testing of vulnerabilities within a system to remain on top of all things cyber security. From a compliance stand-point, it's critical to engage with the right stakeholders early on.

Companies shouldn't wait until they've been hit with an attack to conduct their pentesting activities. Additionally, companies need to have the right penetration testing mechanism in place to ensure grater compliance to all norms in their industry. They don't want to deal with a customer data leak, which costs them millions in reputation and financial recovery. That's why more companies want to opt for a comprehensive vulnerability assessment and penetration testing model.

"In this day and age, anyone is susceptibleto falling victim of a cyber-attack. While it is promising that so many people are generally aware of everyday cyber risks, our study shows that their concern isn't translating into action - just 40% of individuals use cybersecurity software and less than one in three regularly change online passwords. Given what's at stake, individuals should be taking every precaution they can to mitigate risk." - Fran O'Brien, Chubb North America Personal Risk Services.

Regular testing and vulnerabilities reporting

Is a detailed VAPT being carried out frequently? With more tech-centred businesses, the answer might be - Yes. While a larger portion of industries haven't yet initiated an official VAPTprotocol. That's why they need to hire pentesting companies to strengthen their existing network. It's important for all businesses to create value within the security ecosystem to develop their technology the right way.

Additionally, VAPT should be established at the managerial level as a policy rather than a process. It needs to be regularly conducted and reported on a frequent basis. As more companies take cyber-compliance with increasing depth, there is greater leverage to be uncovered within the strength. Companies can explore options, grow faster and perform complex operations without worrying about cyber security issues arising.

They're also able to cater to customers from a dynamic range of industries without concerning themselves about their individual security states. That's why companies can flourish within the ecosystem, when they have the right approach imprinted from a VAPT stand-point. They're also able to save more time by actively finding vulnerabilities and repairing them as they arise. This means that pentesting services can be adopted as a regular component of operations rather than on a need-only basis.

Widening scope of testing and penetration assessment

It's also important to widen the scope of testing and penetration assessment. VAPT must encapsulate much of what is happening within the organization. It should also focus on more effective penetration testing services to be incorporated into the ecosystem. Additionally, from a resource allocation stand-point, it's important for all testers to by in-sync with the overarching vision. They should also proactively spot out issues that may arise from a security point of view.

As the scope widens for vulnerabilities and penetration assessment, there is greater assurance that more secure measures are being put in place. Additionally, as more companies start becoming leaner and agile, there is a greater amount of effort necessary to deliver results. That's where premier pentesting companies, including Valency Networks, can deliver the right type of technology and talent to ensure proper integration.

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What are the benefits of timely VAPT?

There are many benefits of incorporating timely VAPT. Some of them are listed below -

  1. Discovering blind-spots in technology -It's important to discover vulnerabilities sooner rather than later. This is because hackers can take advantage of a weak infrastructure and find variables that they can take advantage of. Additionally, hackers can spot a weakness and exploit it without taking action. These are passive attacks that can take place years after they've been introduced. It helps to have a robust architecture in place to conduct regular penetration tests.

  2. Gaps in policy (employee usage) - Companies can also hire the right type of pentesting consultants to ensure that there are no gaps in the policies that the company formulates. Pentesting agencies can then run tests to find vulnerabilities that can be strengthened by better policies. Whether that be through enforcement or training, there are various tools available for better policy formulation. Employees should be a part of the overall cyber compliance discussion to ensure that they feel empowered across all stages. "Infrastructure is becoming increasingly accessible via code, and management tasks formerly handled by system administrators are open to developers who can configure infrastructure using a mix of APIs, virtual machines and containers. While empowering engineers and automation can be an advantage, it's vital to provide security leadership in the development process to avoid having omission or errors lead to loopholes that could be exploited to steal data or even take a company down." - Sean Cassidy Co-founder DefenseStorm

  3. Improving the underlying technology - Whether the technology needs to be completely overhauled is a call that IT admins and cyber compliance officers need to take collectively. This can lead to greater insights about the testing mechanism that companies use overall. A detailed VAPT can aid in finalizing the decision for them. It can showcase a level of sophistication that no other technology platforms can bring to the table. VAPT can also provide deep insights that can empower the company to make critical decisions about their security.
    Overall, a detailed VAPT can help in prioritizing risk as well as developing a more coherent plan of action. In the event of a breach, companies are more empowered to make the right decision on the spot. The challenge then remains that companies need to enforce more frequent VAPT initiatives. While that may be complex from a resource stand-point, it may return the investment multi-fold in the future. Companies that have long-term vision win the battle of cyber security.