Cyber Security Myth Debunked

While providing cyber security services such as VAPT and compliances, we come across many customers. Most of those are either IT heads or CxO’s. Not all of those are aware about the world of cyber security, and they have their own ideas about it.

During the discussions, we end up providing information on how an application can get hacked, how to implement ISO27001 etc. This article points to few cyber security myths that we heard from our customers as a response, most of which are our customers now.

Some comments are hilarious while the rest would make you think about the cyber security awareness level in general. Those are being posted here , which we tried our best to debunk and educate the customers.

Myth 1 – Cyber Security Myth Debunked – Its Only In Hollywood Movies

Myth 2 –Cyber Security Myth Debunked – Linux is more secure than Windows

Myth 3 –Cyber Security Myth Debunked – Costly firewall is the best protection for IT Security

Myth 4 –Cyber Security Myth Debunked – ISO27001 compliance can be implemented using a checklist

Myth 5 –Cyber Security Myth Debunked – Work From Home Does Not Require Internal Network Vulnerability Assessment

Myth 6 –Cyber Security Myth Debunked – Physical Security Is Enough For Data Center

Myth 7 –Cyber Security Myth Debunked – PHP is more secure than .NET platform

Myth 8 –Cyber Security Myth Debunked – More than one antivirus help the infrastructure to be secure