Cyber Security Myth Debunked – Its Only In Hollywood Movies

Fact : Cyber Security is a reality and not a hoax.

Year : 2015

Said by : IT Head of a Manufacturing company trying to get into global IoT installations and cloud based control

“You IT guys come up with some buzzword every year. Now its cyber security. What makes you guys think that its a problem? I am working in this organization for 20+ years and there had been no single theft of papers, let alone electronic data. Sorry but you guys are making too big a deal out of this,. All this looks very good in Hollywood movies. Its like talking about UFOs which nobody saw as yet, and still there are pictures of it and aliens floating around on the internet.”

Myth Debunked With The Fact Below

Unfortunately its not a Hollywood movie. It is a reality. In fact what we see in the movies is actually taken from real life attacks and methodologies of penetration testing. For example in the movie “The Matrix”, a character is shown hacking into a system. What is being shown on the screen is a snap of nmap tool and ping tool. Time and again, it is proven that the scariest imaginations about data security or physical security hacks have happened first in real life. Eventually those were portrayed in a movie. Most of the managers who are old school types, still think that the hacking, or data theft or the data security in general is all fake, but it is not fake.
Senior management must update their knowledge about information security. They must open their minds up about compliances such as ISO27001, as well as the vulnerability assessment penetration testing (VAPT) which is imperative for their corporate networks, web and cloud applications and also the mobile applications. Right approach for companies, is to find a best cyber security vendor company or a top of the class information security consulting partner, and improve their organization’s data security via threat modelling and various other apt approaches.
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