Difference between IT and OT

Information Technology-
Information technology, or IT, is the study of how to use systems, primarily computers, and telecommunications, to carry out a variety of tasks, including gathering input, storing, retrieving, transmitting, editing, and safeguarding data or information so that it can be shared among various organizations.
An IT network is made up of software (operating systems, applications), hardware (computers, physical servers, and network equipment), and auxiliary devices. Instead of performing a set of fixed functions, IT can be upgraded and reprogrammed to match the evolving and changing applications, business requirements, and user needs. An IT network is used in every industry to manage computer systems and corporate data in a more secure way.
Operational Technology-
Operational technology sometimes referred to as OT, is a category of the computing system that handles operational data from devices including computers, telephones, and technical components. It is utilized to make essential modifications in an industry or business as well as monitor equipment, different industrial processes, and some industry occurrences.
To identify any changes that take place during the process, OT employs a combination of hardware and software that can be used to do real-time activities. This can be achieved by directly controlling certain of the enterprise’s events and industrial equipment to improve their availability and reliability. By continuously monitoring industrial processes, OT systems support infrastructure and uphold their safety.

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