The Psychology behind disliking SOC2 Compliance

The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) established SOC 2, Service Organisation Control 2, a widely accepted auditing standard. It focuses on the controls and processes related to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy within a service organisation.
SOC 2 compliance involves a thorough assessment conducted by an independent auditor who evaluates the organisation’s control activities and issues a report outlining their findings. This report helps customers and stakeholders assess the service organisation’s security and privacy practices.

Disliking SOC 2 compliance can stem from various psychological factors. Here are a few possible explanations:

  1. Perceived Burden:Some individuals or organisations may find SOC 2 compliance burdensome. It requires implementing and maintaining specific security and privacy controls, conducting regular audits, and documenting processes. This can be seen as time-consuming and resource-intensive, leading to a negative attitude towards the compliance process.
  2. Resistance to Change:Humans generally have a natural resistance to change. SOC 2 compliance introduces new procedures, policies, and controls that may disrupt established routines and workflows. This resistance can manifest as a dislike for compliance requirements.
  3. Lack of Awareness or Understanding:Some people may dislike SOC 2 compliance simply because they are unaware of its purpose, benefits, or underlying principles. They may perceive compliance as unnecessary or burdensome without recognising its value if they need to understand the significance of security and privacy controls.
  4. Fear of Scrutiny:SOC 2 compliance involves external auditors evaluating an organisation’s controls and processes. This scrutiny can create anxiety and fear of being found inadequate or non-compliant. The fear of judgment or adverse outcomes may contribute to a negative perception of the compliance process.>
  5. Resource Constraints:Smaller organisations or those with limited resources may need help to allocate the necessary time, money, and expertise for SOC 2 compliance. The financial burden and strain on resources can lead to resentment towards the compliance requirements.
  6. Perceived Interference with Efficiency:Some individuals or organisations may perceive SOC 2 compliance as an obstacle to efficiency or innovation. They may believe that the compliance process needs to improve agility or allow new features or services to be developed and implemented.
  7. Trust and Self-Reliance:Certain individuals or organisations may have a strong sense of self-reliance and confidence in handling security and privacy concerns. They may feel that SOC 2 compliance is unnecessary because they believe they can adequately protect their systems and data without external validation.

It’s important to note that while these psychological factors can contribute to a dislike of SOC 2 compliance, it does not diminish the importance of adhering to appropriate security and privacy standards. SOC 2 compliance aims to protect sensitive information and ensure the trustworthiness of service providers, which can ultimately benefit organisations and their customers.

Though these psychological factors can contribute to a dislike of SOC 2 compliance, it does not diminish the importance of adhering to appropriate security and privacy standards.

SOC2 compliance offers numerous benefits for businesses and their customers. It strengthens security measures, enhances customer trust, provides a competitive advantage, improves operational efficiency, ensures regulatory compliance, offers third-party validation, mitigates risks, and leads to long-term cost savings. By adhering to SOC2 standards, organisations demonstrate their commitment to data security, privacy, and risk management, fostering trust and reliability in their services.

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