Comparison of ISO27001:2013 and ISO27001:2022

In the realm of information security, ISO 27001 stands as a powerful standard. It provides organizations with a robust framework to protect their valuable data from cyber threats and ensure the trust of their customers. It is the guardian that empowers businesses to defend their digital realms and embrace a secure future.

ISO 27001 is therefore a worldwide accepted international standard that establishes, implements, maintains, and continuously improves an information security management system (ISMS). The standard initially came out in 2005 and has subsequently been amended to keep up with the changing security landscape.

ISO 27001:2013 is part of the ISO/IEC 27000 series, which is a family of standards that addresses various aspects of information security. It provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to managing information security, covering areas such as risk assessment, security policy, asset management, access control, incident management, and business continuity.

ISO 27001:2022 emphasizes a risk-based approach, requiring organizations to assess their information security risks and implement appropriate controls to mitigate those risks. It covers various aspects of information security, including asset management, human resource security, physical and environmental security, communication and operations management, and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Let’s compare the two versions in detail:

ISO 27001:2013 ISO 27001:2022
Structure & Format ISO 27001:2013 follows the Annex SL high-level structure, a common framework in many ISO management system standards. It consists of ten clauses. ISO 27001:2022 retains the Annex SL structure but adds additional clauses and subclauses. It consists of twelve clauses.
Risk Assessment & Treatment ISO 27001:2013 requires organizations to identify and assess risks to their information assets and apply appropriate controls to mitigate them. ISO 27001:2022 emphasizes the need for a risk-based approach, integrating risk management principles throughout the standard. It introduces the concept of risk-based thinking, focusing on the organization’s objectives and outcomes.
Context of the Organization ISO 27001:2013 requires organizations to determine the scope of their ISMS and understand the internal and external factors that affect it. ISO 27001:2022 expands on the organization’s context, emphasizing the importance of considering legal, regulatory, contractual, and other obligations related to information security.
Leadership & Commitment ISO 27001:2013 requires top management to demonstrate leadership and commitment to the ISMS by establishing a policy, assigning roles, and ensuring available resources. ISO 27001:2022 enhances the leadership and commitment requirements, focusing on the engagement of top management and their active involvement in the ISMS.
Planning ISO 27001:2013 requires organizations to define objectives and develop plans to achieve them, considering the results of the risk assessment. ISO 27001:2022 expands on the planning requirements, emphasizing the need to identify opportunities and integrating information security into the organization’s processes.
Support ISO 27001:2013 covers the requirements for resources, competence, awareness, communication, and documented information. ISO 27001:2022 maintains these requirements but adds additional guidance on managing information and knowledge.
Operation ISO 27001:2013 focuses on implementing controls and processes to manage risks and protect information assets. ISO 27001:2022 introduces the concept of information resilience, emphasizing the importance of maintaining information availability, integrity, and reliability.
Performance Evaluation ISO 27001:2013 requires organizations to monitor, measure, analyze, and evaluate the performance of the ISMS. ISO 27001:2022 expands on the performance evaluation requirements, emphasizing the need for a systematic approach to monitoring, measuring, analyzing, and evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the ISMS.
Improvement ISO 27001:2013 focuses on taking corrective actions and continuously improving the ISMS. ISO 27001:2022 retains the improvement requirements and emphasizes the need for continual improvement, including the adoption of emerging technologies and practices.

Overall, ISO 27001:2022 provides a more modernized and flexible approach to information security management. It considers the evolving threat landscape, aligns with other management system standards, and focuses on the organization’s specific context and risks.

Organizations transitioning from ISO 27001:2013 to ISO 27001:2022 must review and update their ISMS to align with the new requirements.

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