Technology Services

IT Audit and Compliance

Auditing IT infrastructure is unfortunately overlooked step in today's corporate world. A non-audited system leaves the corporate with vulnerable and unsafe IT services, which can cause huge reputational or monetary losses. As the demand for secure IT is increasing, the audit planning and compliance checks are becoming imperative to keep data safe and secure.

    Valency Networks specializes in assessing a firm's technology infrastructure, preparing audit plans, create deployment documents and implementation mechanism. In our opinion an audit process goes way beyond simply running few scripts and creating action plans. We strongly believe that an audit process starts with creating an audit framework as per the given infrastructure, performing a deep dive into it to get maximum visibility possible, and then applying technical brains to come out with an accurate mitigation or resolution plan. We also help customers to incorporate IT auditing in their release and operations management processes, so that such an important task is not missed.

    Our infrastructure auditing services go hand in hand with our cyber security solutions. We perform IT audits for practically all industry sectors ranging from financial institutions such as banks and credit card processing payment gateways, to the process industry which controls massive manufacturing and utility plants. We also assist in preparing pre-audits for ISO ISMS creations, as well as creating necessary groundwork to help client reach crucial certifications such as HIPAA, SOX etc.