Every IT infrastructure consists of a variety of devices and infrastructure components. Each of those belong to a different vendor and runs a different operating system as well as set of applications. There needs to a carefully designed process to install and manage each component, whereby the security of those is ascertained at a granular level.With a rapid increase in the usage of mobile equipments, multiple security problems are introduced too.

By large, installing the right software and configuring for the security purpose to be served are the steps to begin with, while uninstalling unnecessary software and correcting the configurations is a periodic job towards continued security. Hardening process does not have any specific standard, however typically CIS (Centre for Internet Security) as well as vendor specific guidelines are followed.

System hardening needs more than just standards. It needs years of experience and expertise in various IT infrastructure designs, products, software and solutions. It is a process of defining various blocks and then securely installing or configuring those individually, to form a robust and secure system. Valency Networks has expertise in the areas of hardening Microsoft, Unix and Linux platform, various database engines, application servers as well as network parameter defence devices such as routers, firewall and intrusion detection systems.

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