Wireless Penetration Test

Wireless networks are an extension of your organization's infrastructure perimeter and should be tested thoroughly. While it eases the job of networking and connecting computers, it is also easy for a hacker to get into the network over wireless signals. Hence an insecure wireless poses a greater cyber security risk to the network, as compared to the cable based network.

Specialized Pen Testing

SCADA Networks

Silverlight Based Thick Client Apps

Ajax Based High Functioning Apps

SCADA or Process Control Networks based systems have moved from closed networks to open source solutions and TCP/IP enabled networks steadily over recent years which made them vulnerable to the same security vulnerabilities that face our traditional computer networks.

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Why penetration of XML Web Services Based is essential?

Dummy or bogus or rogue access points are typically used by attackers to penetrate into the corporate network of organization.

Valency Networks uses following methods to perform VAPT test of a wireless network.

  • Identify infrastructure components
  • Perform site survey and measure signal strengths
  • Capture packets and perform detailed technical analysis
  • Find vulnerabilities and perform penetration tests
  • Perform password bruteforcing to check authentication strengths
  • Simulate malicious attacks as applicable
  • Perform packet inspection to break into wireless network
  • Perform signal disruptions to break wireless signaling network
  • Create plan to fix problems and a roadmap to secure wireless network

The outcome of a wireless test is a detailed report with a map which explains what precautions should be taken at various physical access points. Valency Networks has performed such testing for multiple clients who wanted to protect their mission critical infrastructure from prying eyes, using wireless signals.