A typical network audit comprises of a detailed architecture review, a thorough technical assessment for configurations for all critical components and cyber security review.

IP Network Security Testing Features

Architecture review

  • Study existing architecture

  • Understand business and map the network

  • Perform Gap Analysis

  • Create list of strategic solutions

  • Create list of tactical solutions

  • Create detailed report of findings

Network Scalability Assessment

  • Study Network diagram

  • Study network components' configuration

  • Run tools to measure performance

  • Run tools to find chronic problems

  • Perform network load test if applicable

  • Create detailed report of findings

Penetration Testing Services

Network Audit

Firewall Audit

Server Audit

Patch Audit

Architecture Audit

Network Security Audit is a fundamental part of any I.T Security standard; with security dynamics within your organization ever changing, new threats materializing, risks exposure increasing, new applications provisioned with inherent security concerns, auditing becomes an integral process to ensure risks are contained and controlled.
Frequent Network Security Audit allows your organization to periodically assess and review the security posture of a certain environments; identifying key risk factors, categorizing them based on priority and severity level, quantifying the risk and placing an action on the risk. Risk management process is tightly integrated with our Network Security Audit service.
With qualified Information Systems Auditors, our Network Security Audit service is based on;
-- Audit Scope and Statement of Work ? Identifies which environment the audit will take place
-- Identification of Risks within the particular environment ? information gathering and assessment
-- Categorization of Risk based on severity
-- Qauntify the Risks based on probability and likelihood
-- Business Impact Analysis
-- Risk Management recommendation ? mitigate, acceptance, transference and action for residual risk
-- Audit reporting and communication
Network Security Audits can be requested in the following areas;
-- Network Firewalls
-- Intrusion Prevention System
-- Web Application Security
-- Database Security
-- Network and System Management Security
-- Infrastructure hardening

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