IoT systems are convergence of various devices, applications and systems and covers entire spectrum from field devices to cloud. It makes them most vulnerable and heterogeneous in nature. Without holistic approach to security, the benefits of IoT systems would be negligible.

Yes, the data within IoT system flows from various devices and applications installed at disparate geographies and hence the local laws and regulations are applicable to the IoT system install base. Moreover, adherence to these regulations & standards improves your cyber security posture which is beneficial to the organization.

It is advisable to perform risk assessment of every components who stores or transmit the data in the system before installation as well as after integrated live environment. Typically, vulnerabilities in the firmware developed in any embedded electronic device are detected only after they are made live in the system environment due to neglect of security aspect in the design. A weak security aspect can be exploited by hackers to change the firmware of the device. Similarly, most components of the IoT are developed by respective OEMs based on their own standards. That leaves many gaps in the integrated environment which could be exploited by the hackers.

ICS or SCADA systems are the main source of data generation in industrial IOT, popularly known as IIoT. These systems are very critical for any industry and its availability and integrity is of very important. Being exposed these systems to corporate network and internet in IIoT environment; make them most vulnerable to very high threats due to nature of these systems which effectively puts organization to the very high risk of loss of production, revenue, capital investment & human lives.

The best approach for any organization to maintain and sustain high cyber security is to follow the principle of security by design and implementation by design and maintenance by standard. The organizations should consider security as one of the main aspect right from code development.

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