TISAX Compliance Audit

Information security is an essential factor in the automotive industry. Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX) is an assessment and exchange mechanism compliance introduced to enhance automotive industry from a unified level of information security.

Advantage of opting for TISAX is that it helps avoid redundant audits by providing information security assessments in accordance with VDA standards.

Modules of TISAX assessments

  1. Information security management system (ISMS): It is the basic module and hence necessary for determining the maturity of information security processes and their management.
  2. Data protection: When the supplier processes the personal data of customers.
  3. Connection with third party: When the supplier is connected to an IT network or a similar technical exchange of confidential data where the manufacturer is established.
  4. Prototype protection:When the supplier works with strictly confidential information about prototypes. This module focuses on the implementation of physical measures.

What is TISAX Audit?

Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX) is a cyber security control assessment audit method, used in the automotive industry. The ENX Association acts as a governance organisation of TISAX. It accredits the audit providers and monitors the quality of implementation and assessment results.

TISAX has been developed under the guidance of the VDA to ensure a unified level of information security. TISAX brings standardization, quality assurance and mutual recognition of audits. TISAX provides for information security assessments by audit providers in accordance with VDA standards and helps avoid redundant audits.

TISAX Compliance Maturity Levels

Upon auditing an organization, the TISAX standard expects the readiness to be measured and depicted in terms of the pre-defined maturity levels. These levels are as below.

Maturity Level Description
0 – Incomplete There are no controls implemented or the controls are not working
1 – Performed Controls exist but those are not documented or communicated
2 – Managed Controls exist, documented, but those are not updated or not correctly aligned to the reality
3- Established Controls exist, are documented, updated and aligned
4 – Predictable Level 3 with additional KPI (Key Performance Indicators)
5 – Optimizing Level 4 with addition of specific improvements to the control

Benefits of TISAX Compliance

  • Builds trust among manufacturers, thus helping you with contracts with various automotive manufacturers.
  • Provides confidence and assurance to trading partners and clients; acts as a marketing tool
  • Helps achieve harmonized standard for information security within the automotive industry.
  • Improves employees' awareness pertaining to information security
  • Helps assess the maturity of the information security controls in an organization.
  • Helps reduce costs and efforts with the manufacturers and suppliers related to multiple information security assessments.

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