We follow a systematic approach to make an organization compliant to PCI DSS standards. Our services are of advisory type in which an end to end approach is selected to give a highly technical service in an affordable price tag.

Before Engagement

  • Sign NDA

  • Study architecture diagram

  • Decide attack vectors and prioritize

  • Allocate single point of contact

Testing Outcome

  • Detailed technical report

  • Executive summary

  • High level fixation solutions

  • Certificate of testing completion (optional)

PCI Compliance Process

  • We first understand the exact need of why customer needs PCI-DSS compliance

  • We then define scope in terms of what needs to be compliant

  • This is followed by a detailed vulnerability assessment penetration testing (VAPT) of customer's IT infrastructure premises

  • These results into an accurate gap analysis which helps us decide the controls to be implemented.

  • We then create controls and document them in the form of policies and standard operating procedures

  • As for implementation of controls, we provide consultancy to put controls in place and provide training to the stakeholders

  • Finally we provide important inputs to help customer face the PCI-DSS audit to conclude the engagement

IT Audit Services





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Our Culture

Valency Networks is a very agile, friendly and fun loving atmosphere and yet we maintain a cutting edge technical vibrant work environment.