PCI DSS standards apply to every organization regardless of size that accepts, transmits or stores any card holder data. It applies also to organizations or persons who accept credit card payments over mobile phone or use third-party processors.

PCI DSS Compliance is not just a technical assessment, but also a framework wish established policies and procedures to protect payment card data. All industries, finance or non-finance, who accept or process payment electronically are subjected to a PCI DSS compliance. It includes E-commerce websites, payment gateways, online payment processors, web portals connecting to online payment systems, banks and financial institutions etc.

Why PCI DSS Compliance is essential?

  • It ensures that your systems are secure from security breaches or hacking attacks
  • Customers gain trust on your service, to do business with you
  • Compliance helps your business gain reputation
  • It helps your organization move a step towards HIPAA, SOX, etc.
  • It also improves ROI and strategy of your organizations IT investments.

What are the consequences of not being compliant to PCI DSS standards?

  • Data theft can adversely impact consumers, merchants, and financial institutions
  • Business reputation could be lost, also possibly resulting into monetary damages
  • Business may attract lawsuits, or fines.

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