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The need of network security audit

IT networks keep on changing based on business needs. It is often found that various changes performed by multiple technical teams usually lead to vulnerabilities from cyber security standpoint. It is advised to conduct network security audit occasionally to ensure network health. Upon completion of such an audit, the firm gains stable, scalable and secure IT network infrastructure.

Below are the tasks performed during an audit :

  • Understanding organization business and the network infrastructure
  • Review network design and deploy network security solutions
  • Device configuration audit (which includes firewalls, routers, servers)
  • Review organization’s security policy
  • Perform detailed design and effectiveness of firm's security patching solution
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Provide consultancy to solve problem found during the audit

Need of network architecture review

Architecture Reviews provide insight into access controls, management, redundancy, vulnerabilities, and Visibility of your organization’s network, network devices, servers, and web applications. This is accomplished through architecture design reviews, and device or server configuration reviews. Valency Networks technical team compares the gathered details with industry best practices, looking for potentially incorrect configurations, server placement, and overall design flaws. The Architecture Review magnifies the design’s security risks to the organization and applicable countermeasures. Additionally, architecture reviews can be tailored to focus on any part of your environment. Some of the common architecture reviews include: Network, Operating System, Web Server, Web Service, and Web Application level reviews. 

Architecture Reviews provide enterprise security modeling by incorporating the following integrated services:

• Network Segmentation
• Device configuration Review
• Minimum Security Baselines
• Firewall Rule set Reviews
• Access Controls
• SIEM Deployment
• IPS Deployment
• Wireless Security
• OS Security
• Active Directory Controls