Registration process


Persons, companies or entities which engage in manufacture, export, sell and transfer of defence items, articles, data and technology related to USML.

Submission of registration statement

Submit completed DSP-9 and/or required forms, transmittal letter and prescribed fee to the Department of State. Registration does not grant any export license or approval. Registration fees can be paid in advance or in terms.

Notify changes in information provided by registrants.

Must notify material change, intended sale in advance. Also report any violations, mergers and acquisitions, amendments to agreement within specified time limit.

Maintenance of records by registrants.

Must maintain records trade, manufacture, services provided, information or data transferred and handled, political contributions, fees or commissions and agreements. Records must be available to be presented on demand in front of inspection officer from DDTC.

Licenses for the Export

a) Requirements :

  • Any person or entity who intends to export or to import
  • Applications for the temporary or permanent import or export.
  • All appropriate information regarding the proposed transaction and proper completion of application form.
  • A request for a license for classified or unclassified technical data transfer
  • Supporting documents.

b) Submit Application with fees

c) Acquire licenses

d) Report amendments for updated license and changes in agreements

e) Renew licenses after specified period of license.

f) Take special license or approval for any kind of retransfer

g) Maintain records and report violations


  • Does product/article/data being transferred are on the U.S.Munitions List (“USML”) and subject to ITAR?
  • Is the company registered with DDTC?
  • Has the company properly classifiedthe product under updated ITAR and EAR Regulations?
  • Does company maintain standard records of items and theirclassification?
  • Is an export license obligatory for a particular transaction?
  • Has the company acquired appropriate licenses according to classified items for trade?
  • Is company complied with the terms and conditions required for the license?
  • Has the company transferred or received ITAR controlled technical data?
  • Has company acquired proper license to transfer data?
  • Have company personnel carried ITAR-controlled technical data outside the U.S.?
  • Does the company use electronic medium to transfer technical data overseas? Is it secure and encrypted?
  • Does the company provide any defence service for foreign personnel and government bodies?
  • Is that service agreement approved by DDTC and under ITAR compliance?
  • Has company acquired proper licenses to provide defence services in foreign countries and also country specific if required?
  • Has the company imported and acquired license for items related to USML?
  • Has the company registered all its brokers with DDTC?
  • Has the company reviewed all its supply chain partners for ITAR compliance?
  • Has the company conducted any transaction with debarred parties?
  • Has the company taken proper clearance for export of hardware, classified and unclassified data?
  • Has company acquired approval for retransfer if required?
  • Has the company tradedparts, accessories, components and attachments with proper license?
  • Does company provide any service and user training with sale of products? Are these services and training approved by DDTC?
  • Does the company maintains standard security policy and controls within its facilities?
  • Does the company employ safeguard and strict controls on physical access, digital access of data and access of data on the Cloud?
  • Does company properly report commissions, fees and political contributions to DDTC?
  • Does the company notice regularly to customers and imbibe destination control of items?
  • Does the company limits the transfer and copy of technical data and software?
  • Does the company manufacture overseas? If yes, has the company acquired Manufacturing License Agreement (MLA)?
  • Does the company useany warehouse or distribution point overseas? Is it approved by DDTC?
  • Does the company deal with Significant Military Equipment? Are these products specially licensed for manufacture, trade, transfer and store?
  • Has the companymaintained records and filed its annual reports to DDTC?
  • Has the company used anyITAR exemptions? Are they recorded properly?
  • Has the company followed ITAR compliance during acquisitions and mergers?
  • Are the company employee which are U.S. Persons allowed to access ITAR controlled data outside and are they permitted?
  • Has the company adopted standard ITAR compliance program and user/employee training?
  • Does company do regular ITAR compliance audit through authorised entities?





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