What does ITAR stands for?
ITAR stands for the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR)
What is ITAR?
What is ITAR compliance?
What is USML?
Who should become ITAR compliant?
What is the eligibility criteria for ITAR compliance?
Is there any penalty for ITAR violations and what is it?
Does ITAR registration requires a lawyer?
Does brokers and export agents require ITAR licenses?
How long does it take to acquire license?
Does an export license obtained under ITAR is applicable to trade in any country?
Does software or IT companies are required to have ITAR compliance?
How to be sure if an export license is needed?
Which body of government control commerce and defence trades?
Does satellite technology comes under ITAR jurisdiction?





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ITAR compliance is a differentiating factor and contracting officers will ponder products valuable and ease contracts. Comparison for clients and customers becomes easy.

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