Why getting Compliant with Valency Networks will be of competitive advantage for our organization?
  • We believe in delivering Quality that will bring value to the client.
  • We maintain long term relationship with our clients.
  • We deliver best suited solutions as per our client needs.
  • We also deliver the complete vulnerability assessment ( hyperlink to http://www.valencynetworks.com/penetration-testing-services/network-testing.html )
  • Hyperlink to of the entire network infrastructure systems audit services and supporting policies & procedure from ISMS viewpoint.
  • We have dedicated certified auditors with vast industry experience.
  • We promote Audit quality to the benefit of the capital markets.
  • Our goal is to handhold right from addressing client�s key business concerns, helping them comply with regulatory norms and upgrading overall effectiveness of corporate governance and reporting necessities, boosting their operational efficiencies for achieving strategic business goals.
Why Compliance Reports from Valency Networks team enhance success rate of our organization's audit?
What is ISO 27001 Scope of Registration?
What happens after ISO 27001 Certification?
What is Re-Certification audit?
What is periodic audit?
How much does it cost to become ISO-27001 Certified?
Can a certificate be withdrawn?
We have a security policy in place. Why do we need an ISO 27001 information security management system?
As an organization we have reinforcements and passwords - why do we require ISO 27001?
IT is hardly a small part of my company; still do I need to implement ISO27001?
My IT team does their job very well. Wont the ISO 27001 implementation create a hindrance in their daily jobs?
Once I am ISO 27001 certified, does that mean it won�t be hacked?
I have a costly firewall implemented, what would be the reason to be ISO 27001 certified?
What is difference between compliance and certification?
Can ISO 27001 help me gain more visibility on the internet?
My customers are themselves ISO 27001 certified. Does my firm need to?
Will my life be easy for other compliances, if I implement ISO27001 for my firm?
I am a CISO in my company. Will implementing ISO 27001 increase my work load?

ISO 27001 Consultancy Services





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