Is business Continuity management means only IT disaster recovery?
No, IT disaster recovery means to recover the IT asset of the organization which is damaged by the disaster. When business continuity management deal with the recovery of the critical business processes and its look for to maintain the stakeholder value for the organization by maintaining the SLA.
Does ISO 22301 have to be implemented throughout the entire organization?
If my organization is not ISO 27001 certified, is my organization is eligible for ISO 22301 certification?
As BCM is already covered by ISO 27001, why we need to implement ISO 22301?
What is the requirement to get certified for ISO 22301?
How much time will it take for implementation?
During the certification audit if auditor found the nonconformity, does it mean that we have lost the chance to obtain a certificate?





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ISO 22301: 2012 works on PDCA Principle. It's applied to all the process and BCMS as a whole for continuous improvement

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