ISNP Cyber Security Audit

ISNP Cyber Security Audit

In the digitalization era that we are living in, e-commerce is gaining the massive number of customers and sellers. With this rapid growth in e-commerce, insurance companies have also starting exploring the online platforms to sell their products. To ensure the privacy and safely of this online insurance businesses, ISNP compliance took birth. This mission is driven by IRDAI for insurance businesses. ISNP stands for Insurance Self Networking Platform which refers to an electronic platform set up with a view to conducting insurance e-commerce activity. Such platforms can only operate after getting permission from IRDA.

The main objective of ISNP is to set standardized rules and procedures for all who are conducting insurance via e-commerce. According to these regulations, anyone willing to sell insurance online is required to set-up a digital platform known as Insurance Self-Network Platform (ISNP) and follows all the regulations specified for it.

Any Insurance Agency that is looking to setup an Electronic Platform, they must comply with the following requirements as defined by the IRDA:

  • Implementation of Internal Monitoring Controls for Data Processing Systems
  • Board approved annual security review of the controls, systems, procedures and safeguards by CISA or DISA auditor or cert-in.
  • Compliance to ISO/IEC 27001 – Information Security Management System
  • Reporting of any adverse findings that impact policyholders with the IRDA

How ISNP Audit is performed?

  • Audit is conducted as an in-depth technical assessment
  • Includes information security process audit
  • Includes applicability of cyber security controls
  • By checking evidences and logs on servers
  • Includes checking all norms of technical requirements as per IRDA

ISNP Audit Report

  • A detailed gap analysis report
  • Report will provide who needs to do what activities to be compliant with IRDA
  • Wherever possible, report will include details on what exactly needs to be done and by which team or person

What Valency Networks Do?

Our professionals provide industry-leading expertise to help organizations meet their evolving Data Security and Privacy needs. We ensure to help you understand, manage and comply with IRDA's Cyber Security requirements as published in the IRDA's Guidelines on insurance e-Commerce.

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