When it comes to deliver high performance services to the client, uptime of datacenter components is imperative. IT monitoring helps achieve problem reporting preemptively, thus meeting the service level agreement expectations.

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Ideally the business future and IT infrastructure strategy should go hand in hand. However this is seldom a case, which eventually results into a growth in business demanding for better and faster infrastructure, and the IT services not being in pace with the requirements. The right thing to do, is to design strategic solutions while keeping a close and periodic eye on the business growth.

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Monitoring becomes a continuous improvement process, as the datacenters get more and more matured in terms of infrastructure hardware and services.Valency Networks provides cutting edge monitoring solutions by understanding existing infrastructure, taking into consideration the SLA requirements and designing solutions using latest products. A strategic security monitoring framework design can also be provided as a consolidated solution. Valency Networks also provides consultancy on connecting monitoring solutions to a trouble-ticket system for the operations and support purpose.