Business continuity planning is the need of the hour. Almost all businesses relying on IT infrastructure for their mission critical goals, cannot afford to have a downtime at an application level or datacenter level. Since such a downtime directly reflects on the profits negatively, building a disaster recovery center should be on the strategy plan of a business IT management.

Infrastructure Management Services

Design Solutions

Optimization Solutions

Release Operations

Ideally the business future and IT infrastructure strategy should go hand in hand. However this is seldom a case, which eventually results into a growth in business demanding for better and faster infrastructure, and the IT services not being in pace with the requirements. The right thing to do, is to design strategic solutions while keeping a close and periodic eye on the business growth.

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Design Approach

Valency Networks brings a multiple years of expertise in this space by providing end of end disaster recovery solutions. We plan, design, deliver and set policies to maintain such solutions for any business.A Typically the following factors are taken into consideration while creating such a design model...

  • Criticality of data
  • Potential impact to business upon a downtime
  • Projected business growth needing DR center
  • SLA requirements driven by business needs
  • ROI definitions

Tech Stuff

On the technology front, we offer consultancy for components such as.....

  • Disaster recovery load balancers
  • Storage networks configurations
  • Clusters (hardware, software)
  • Data replications
  • Other critical infrastructure components

Non-teh stuff

On the non-tech front, we offer services in order to design.....

  • High availability and fault tolerance processes
  • Policies and procedures to perform upon a disaster incidence
  • Mock-tests for disaster recovery to ensure smooth real-time failovers
  • Data protections, security and retrieval
  • Aid in disaster recovery auditing