Ideally the business future and IT infrastructure strategy should go hand in hand. However this is seldom a case, which eventually results into a growth in business demanding for better and faster infrastructure, and the IT services not being in pace with the requirements. The right thing to do, is to design strategic solutions while keeping a close and periodic eye on the business growth.

Infrastructure Management Services

Disaster Recovery Solutions

ITIL Process Implementation

Monitoring Solutions

Business continuity planning is the need of the hour. Almost all businesses relying on IT infrastructure for their mission critical goals, cannot afford to have a downtime at an application level or datacenter level. Since such a downtime directly reflects on the profits negatively, building a disaster recovery center should be on the strategy plan of a business IT management.

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The following factors are important steps to achieve this :

  • Define the technical decision flow through the planning process.
  • List the decisions to be made, & gauge against commonly available options and considerations.
  • Perform viability check for cost, complexity, and other characteristics
  • Enhance the framework to ensure an improved ROI.
Typical requests

Valency Networks has expertise in designing frameworks and technical solutions for a growing business needing a continuously maturing IT infrastructure. Typically we address the questions which are mentioned but not limited to...

  • What type of servers should be in my datacenter?
  • If I wish to connect multiple offices how can I do that in a cost effective manner?
  • How should I define my data backup policy?
  • Which router, firewall, antivirus should I buy?
  • How should I configure my infrastructure components?
  • How can I keep my datacenter up all the time?

Valency Networks specializes in the following categories of an IT infrastructure design

  • Suggest the right product
  • Suggest a correct solution based on business needs
  • Strategize the solutions plan
  • Design technical infrastructure nitty-gritty
  • Create deployment plan with a timeline
  • Follow through the deployment process
  • Handover with an ongoing maintenance policy document

We get a variety of requests such as, to build datacenters from scratch, design and deploy a full fledged e-commerce portal, establish monitoring solutions for the infrastructure, optimization solutions to have a cutting edge server and networking infrastructure which performs very well under stressful technical conditions etc. We take contracts to enhance cyber security for an already designed infrastructure too. Please read our FAQ and browse through our Services page to know more about our offerings.