Cloud Security

Cloud Star Certification For Cloud Services Providers

Cloud Star Certification for Cloud Services Providers 1.What is CSA STAR Certification? CSA STAR Certification is a unique new scheme developed to address specific issues relating to cloud security as an enhancement to ISO/IEC 27001. Whilst ISO/IEC 27001 standard is widely recognized and respected, its requirements are more generic and therefore there can be a…


PCIDSS Compliance For Mobile Applications

PCIDSS COMPLIANCE FOR MOBILE APPLICATION WHAT IS PCIDSS PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards) standard developed in order to ensure the security of card data and to reduce card fraud. Companies that are PCI DSS compliant must obey specific rules and fulfill requirements (technical, procedural, etc.) defined by the PCI Security Standards Council….


How to use ISO27001 To Make Your Cloud Secure

How ISO 27001 will make your Cloud Secure? Having a Cloud environment is becoming simpler day by day. But Management, Expansion, Monitoring, Regulating, Controlling, Security of Cloud has become real worry in any Organization who as of now have a Cloud domain. If Operations related to these are not legitimately took care of then it…