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Intrusion Prevention Systems

An intrusion detection system (IDS), usually found in a hardware-based offering, detects attackers and unwanted/unauthorised access to a computer network. This article is for network administrators and architects, as well as senior IT management, who need to know the basic and complex feature sets to make the best use of these systems.

Network Monitoring Best Practices

All enterprises depend on secure, reliable servers, network devices and business applications. Any downtime hits your bottom line. To ensure maximum IT performance across your business, you have to identify and resolve problems before they impact the user experience

Datacenter Designing

The biggest threat is the thing you donot consider. Every potential danger must be at least noted and the cost to protect against it evaluated. It can then be incorporated into the facility design with multiple layers of security, or discarded.

IT Optimization

The key is striking the right balance between IT capabilities and costs to maximize business value. Think about it like this: What is the ratio of value-delivered to IT cost?

Security Attacks : DoS/DDoS

The fundamental technique behind a DoS attack is to make the target system busy. In a computer server, when a network packet is being received, all components

Security Attacks : Packet Crafting

Crafting, by definition, means to make or create something skillfully. As we know, all the vulnerability assessment tools used by network administrators to test the security of their networks are both a blessing and a curse.


Our customers are :

cyber security services for banks

Cyber security services of Indian banks is still uneffective.In past,Reserve Bank of India (RBI) warned Indian banks for inadequate cyber security.That's why we came on focus by providing cyber security solutions to multiple co-operative banks for security and disaster recovery design solutions.

cyber security services for IT product and services companies

IT firms are main target of cyber attacker/hacker, because high amount of sensitive data is stored on machines of it companies. Network security must become mild-stone within any business or organization. Hackers are constantly looking to break the defenses you put up as protection;if they succed you can severely damage reputation of your company.

cyber security services for manufacturing industries

Industrial espionage is common in manufacturing industries. Stealing engineering drawings, chemical compositions, secret formulae and finance data can cause a serious business impact to a manufacturing company, thus making cyber security services a "must-have" for them.

cyber security services for e-commerce websites and applications

E-commerce companies give lots of profit to hacker,as these mainaly focused on transaction and money. We provide e-commerce solutions that include the data security and personal information security for our customers, as well as their customers.

cyber security services for finance companies india

Cyber security is an increasingly critical threat to global financial institutions and the as it is not well understood. Large firms are prime targets as compared to small,for cyber crime and cyber terrorists. Web and databse security is highly imprtant.

cyber security services for healthcare industries and hospitals

One of target of cyber attacker are hospitals where they can create a greater degree of damage very easily. Risk of a cyberattack on a hospital, clinic, proves their inability for caring patient information.The threat to hospitals from cyber attacks may come from underestimating the security and privacy of patient information as from direct harm to individuals.